⭐ Level - Beginner

⏱️ Time - 5 minutes

Experience Poozle by fetching GitHub issues from your public repos.

Create Integration Account (Github)

  1. First, you can deploy Poozle using docker. Don’t worry it’s just docker-compose up

  2. On the Accounts tab, click + New Integration Account on the left side:

  1. Choose Github in the select and give the API Key. You can check Github Settings page to create a new token.

  2. Connect Github and Hurray you are connected.

Fetching issues from a unified Ticketing API

  1. On the Accounts tab, click on the connected integration.

  2. In the URL http://localhost:8000/workspaces/0a58f56e-3f59-4f4e-a8e1-a9e47aae5c3c/integration_account. Take workspaceId 0a58f56e-3f59-4f4e-a8e1-a9e47aae5c3c and Copy it.

  3. Go to the integration account and copy the integration account ID

  4. Go to Settings page and click on API Keys. Generate a new key to use it as a Bearer token.

  5. You can call http://localhost:8000/api/v1/ticketing/{repo_name}/tickets?realtime=true with headers workspaceId, integrationAccountId and Authorization with its values respectively.

  6. Hurray you can now all access all the data from ticketing models.